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The User-Centric Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace Solutions

The User-Centric Digital Workplace

The world has changed and today’s digital workplace reflects modern workstyles, user preferences and maturing technologies.

In the digital workplace, IT must deliver a fluid, consistent, consumer-like user experience, regardless of platform and location. It’s what your people expect. It’s how you ensure user buy-in to a new experience-led digital workplace.

Computacenter understands the complexity of a digital workplace transformation built on enabling your people to deliver business outcomes. We call this Digital Me. It is IT designed for people.


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    Do your users understand the business value of your digital workplace strategy? At Computacenter, we believe this is critical to user adoption. It’s why we place people at the centre of everything we do, engaging with users, understanding what they need, and articulating how the digital workplace enables them to work productively how and where they want to.


    The digital workplace can only support the modern enterprise if it is built on a consistent and flexible infrastructure from which to service the working needs of all users. We build, deploy and optimise the technology platforms needed to make this happen. 


    Organisations seeking to cut costs and increase workforce productivity are empowered by our simple, intuitive collaboration tools bringing the workplace to users, wherever they are. We seamlessly integrate social collaboration voice, video, messaging and workspace tools to make life easier and knowledge sharing more effective.


    Information is the lifeblood of the digital enterprise. We provide the platform needed to access and secure information across multiple devices, channels, solutions and the Internet of Things. By leveraging analytics, we evaluate the user experience to help improve performance and adoption and drive future innovation.


    Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for any vulnerability in your defences. That’s why security is a key pillar of the digital workplace. At the same time, your users don’t want the frustration of multiple log-in requirements. We create digital identities for users, making it easy to gain secure access to the information they need.


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